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An independent nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to conduct a biennial festival that will offer attendees compelling experiences made possible at the intersection of art and digital culture. ZER01 is the producing organization for 01SJ: A global festival of art on the edge.


Artists Using Technology Creatively to Transform Art, Audience, and Place

New technologies have infiltrated every aspect of contemporary (Western) society. In California alone, there are thousands of artists, emerging and world class, who use these technologies creatively to transform our traditional notions of what art can be and the audience's relationship to this new experience of art. In particular, new technologies are enabling a remarkable set of new potential relationships of art to its environment outside of the white cube gallery or black box performance space, in turn reaching and energizing entirely new audiences.

Intersections is a commissioning program to support both emerging and established California artists in the creation of new work that uses technology to create transformative experiences that are not about the technology itself, with an emphasis on works that intersect with a particular place or community and engage audiences in innovative ways.

The intersections program is supporting the following artists and activities for 01SJ: