Who We Are

ZERO1 is a nonprofit arts organization that aims to address complex social challenges by producing community-driven emerging media and digital art projects. We believe that artistic experimentation with emergent technologies inspires novel creative strategies and broadens our critical understanding of the world. Through a global network of partners, we bridge governmental, academic, corporate, and cultural worlds to build engaged and vibrant communities that drive social action.

Our Mission

ZERO1 leverages art, science, and technology to create social change.

Our Vision

To stimulate the potential of tomorrow’s communities by provoking new ideas, experimentation, and creative strategies today.

What We Do

  • Arts Education: ZERO1 supports the development of creative skills in emerging media and socially-engaged arts through talks, workshops, incubators, mentorship, and professional development experiences. We provide access to the skills and tools of creative technology, paired with training in critical frameworks for examining how these same technologies are adopted by society. We support creative development at all experience levels, from introductory workshops to peer mentorship for established professional artists.
  • Public Art: ZERO1 produces community-engaged public art projects at varied scales, from augmented reality street interventions and robotic sculptural installations to digital building modifications and ephemeral sky art. Through artist-led creative collaborations, we connect artists and communities for positive social change through experiences in public space throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
  • International Exchange: ZERO1 coordinates international artist exchanges that encourage mutual understanding and cross-border collaboration between creative communities around the globe. Our flagship creative exchange program, American Arts Incubator (AAI), was developed in partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and supports artists working in six countries annually. AAI utilizes community-driven digital and emerging media art projects to instigate dialogue, build communities, bolster local economies, and further social innovation while addressing a relevant social or environmental challenge.

Core Beliefs

  • Art, at the frontier of technology, broadens our critical understanding of the world by provoking new ideas, experimentation, and creative strategies.
  • Through a global network of partners we can bridge academic, corporate, and cultural worlds to foster collaboration and encourage social action to build more engaged and vibrant communities.
  • Our extensive roster of artists and network of academic, corporate, civic, cultural, and community partners gives us the ability to foster collaboration and encourage social action.