The Inaugural Biennial Festival (visit site)

More than 20,000 individuals, 75% from outside of San Jose, experienced the 250 art installations and more than 25 performances and public talks by almost 500 artists from more than 40 countries at dozens of exhibitions at San Jose institutions and throughout the city during the week-long Festival, the largest of its kind devoted to the creative intersection of art and technology in the history of North America.

Students from 5 continents participated as part of a significant educational outreach program; the Festival commissioned over a dozen new works, 5 of which were long-term residencies in collaboration with Montalvo Art Center and San Jose State University. In addition, the festival supported an additional 29 projects at levels ranging from $1,500 to $75,000. The Festival and Symposium also resulted in worldwide attention in the press (New York Times, Asahi Shimbum, Mercury News, Wired among others), and broadcast media as well as online forums, such as YouTube, flickr, and the blogosphere.

Boon to San Jose

According to a city-sponsored economic impact study, ZeroOne San Jose generated more than $9 million in new economic activity that would not otherwise have occurred. More than 75 corporations and foundations and over 100 individuals sponsored the Festival, which had a total budget of $2.1 million.