CADRE Laboratory Go to ISEA Istanbul

CADRE Laboratory Go to ISEA Istanbul

This September CADRE Laboratory alumni, Thomas Asmuth and James Stone will be presenting a workshop the  Touchstone project to the International Symposium for Electronic Art 2011 (ISEA2011) in Istanbul, Turkey. Touchstone is a mobile audio tool for actors to musicians to activists and everything in between. Touchstone is a glove with an embedded device known as a tactile transducer. When agents wearing a Touchstone glove place their hand onto an object, it is transformed into loudspeaker. The device is very mobile, discrete, and can be plugged into any audio source that will take a 1/8 inch mono or stereo jack. Touchstone is an Open Source Hardware platform and the plans will be publicly available for sharing, development, and remixing. Asmuth and Stone are using the social network fundraising web site, Kickstarter as a place to gather donations to the project. Please see: Donations of as little as one dollar go toward helping the team to take their social practice to the international level.

"We are building a social engagement platform, it is inexpensive, widely available technology, and doesn't require advanced skills to put together. It would also be awesome to open up the prestigious conference to a wider cross section of participants who wouldn’t normally have access or interact with ISEA." -Thomas Asmuth and James Stone

The Touchstone project is a collaboration between Thomas Asmuth (University of West Florida) and James Stone (The Pennsylvania State University) who call their partnership Mr. Bricolage. Their collaborative practice aims to be the embodiment of ‘one can do it’ (the popular jingle of the group’s European retailer namesake). Mr. Bricolage projects are centered around the themes of Open Source, Mechatronics, and Art.

In addition to the Touchstone by Asmuth and Stone another group of CADRE students and alum started the Third Faction including Michael Amundsen, Thomas Asmuth, Mez Breeze, Jenene Castle, James Morgan, Sara Gevurtz, John Bruneau and Marek Kapolka, Ali Sajjadi and Liz Solo. Third Faction is an affiliation of avatar/entities with a collective interest in exposing binary systems in Synthetic Environments. Third Faction's focus is to develop a democratized and non-hierarchical praxis as well as governance. Current members include a global cabal of artists and performers whose work has been internationally recognized and exhibited. This open system is a participatory practice that welcomes new membership. As a member of Third Faction it is your duty to participate in cross factional missions, share the missions, subvert the dominant culture, and take part in a richer experience.

You can see both projects at ISEA Istanbul, Turkey, this September.

Touchstone Demo Video from kid Neutrino on Vimeo< /a>.

Touchstone Intro for Kickstarter from kid Neutrino on Vimeo.