Devan Wong, Art Ambassador!

Devan Wong, Art Ambassador!

Devan Wong, is a student at San Jose State. Though having only recently switched her major to Digital Media, she's hopeful to have finally found her true artistic passion. In her dream job, she would be working with some of the world's greatest designers, marketers and artists at either Pixar, Nike, or Apple, all of which she likes for the way they are able to reach out to the public. She has practiced basketball and volleyball most of her life and considers making the San Jose State Volleyball team one of her biggest accomplishments so far. In her free time you could find her sweating at the gym, continually fueling her strive for competition. She loves the ethnic diversity found in San Jose. To her, Seeking Silicon Valley is a great way to further celebrate the different cultures and diverse ways of thinking which make up the Valley's rich pallet of humanity.

Have you ever had a picture of your future, so clear that you are willing to tattoo it into your skin? Such is the case for Devan Wong, my fellow Art Amabassador here at ZERO1. Last week I had the chance to chat with Devan to hear a little about her story which, in no small part, involves the ink art that adorns her body. “My ethnicity is Chinese-Japanese-German, and I wanted a tattoo which symbolized each ethnicity” she tells me. Currently a work in progress she has various Japanese characters, and an image of a koi fish, another well-known Japanese icon. “I was taught that the koi fish meant to never give up, and it tends to swim upstream. Once it reaches the top it turns into a dragon.” Like the koi fish, Devan wishes to become a dragon. “I would want a dragon tattoo, by the end of my lifetime,” which to Devan, would be her mark of accomplishment after finding her dream job and having kids.

Devan's commitment to art and a fiery determination have been guiding principles so far in her life endeavors. An athlete from an early age, she has competed first in Basketball and later Volleyball starting in sixth grade. “I decided to excel in (Volleyball) because me being five-foot, I couldn't really do anything height-wise in Basketball.” Her athletics took her as far as to make the Division 1 Volleyball team at San Jose State, which she considers one of her biggest accomplishments to date. She later left the team in order to focus on her art studies, but her spare time is still filled with gym time and lots of club volleyball play. “It still gives me that competitive strive, which I've always had.”

Currently entering her fifth year at San Jose State, Devan is majoring in Digital Media and Graphic Design. “Back in high school I was in year book committee , and I loved using Photoshop and Illustrator!” With the encouragement of a teacher, she entered into the Graphic Design program in college though was met with some disappointment. She recalls certain courses at State, in which she had to choose one house hold object and use it as her sole graphic design subject the entire semester. “I chose a whisk...I didn't find it fun at all”. Subsequently, she branched out a to take a Digital Media class. Right away she was taken by the variety of skills offered by the digital media program and decided to switch in the interest of Versatility. She is greatly looking forward to her new this new path as the new school year approaches. Devan's dream is to work in graphic design or advertising for a company who has a visual language which fits with her own style and liking. She states her current favorites are Pixar, Apple, and NIKE.

Her new project is her internship with ZERO1. Not only will she be able to interact with biennial artists like James Morgan and Nelly Ben Hayoun, but she also have a chance to see all of their ambitious art pieces. “I can't wait to play with all the interactive ones” she says. Devan is especially looking forward to Mauriece Benayoun's Tunnels Around the World project. She is excited for the communication channels the Biennial creates between cultures. She likes how the art acts as a mode of conversation, adding to the diverse culture which she values in her hometown. San Jose is a place that I can relate to, I grew up in Richmond which is a pretty diverse city and going to college at San Jose made it easier to adapt and to live in... what makes (downtown San Jose) unique and makes me stay there are the places to go, places to eat, things to do. San Jose has so many cultures, and being in a diverse city is somewhere I always want to go and be a part of.”

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