The Future of Play, The Future of Conversation

The Future of Play, The Future of Conversation

We are so excited to have the game artist Ken Eklund a.k.a Writerguy who did the Zorop project during 2010 01SJ and Sibley Verbeck founder of StreamJam and Electric Sheep Company.

You may be interested in attending this event virtually. If you are below are the many ways you can be part of the conversation.

Friday June 24th Broadcast time begins at 7:30 PM PST, you can create an simple Avatar to chat, dance and play with others simply by entering the event in some of the links below.

1. Watch on our Ustream channel and chat using a variety of Social Media tools.

2. Watch and use your avatar directly on Stream Jam. Search for event Art/Tech: In Conversation

3. Watch on your Facebook Page using your avatar. Art/Tech: In Conversation

4. Watch the embedded talk on ZER01 (note: will have posted on day of)