Imin Yeh brings deities and indulgences to YBCA

Imin Yeh brings deities and indulgences to YBCA

Thanks to everyone who joined us at YBCA’s PUSH/PLAY event today. In partnership with YBCA, ZER01 invited artist Imin Yeh (an alum of AbsoluteZER0, 2010) to present her project Yeh's Authentication and Protection Services, a mobile print cart providing protective woodblock printed urban deities, and indulgences to wipe away the seven deadly sins.

Imin created four hand cut woodblock prints of “urban deities” she created to ensure a prosperous life in San Francisco. The Muni deity (pictured here) is a self-portrait claiming to contribute to smooth journeys and on-time arrivals. Other deities included the “Bike god,” “Wi-Fi god” and “food truck god.” The food truck god was particularly appropriate since 3 food trucks were pulled up alongside YBCA vending their delicacies to the crowds (and many in line clutched their freshly printed “food truck deity” just to be sure…).

An indulgence to forgive gluttony

In addition to the deities, paper indulgences were hand printed on demand for an instant dose of forgiveness for sins such as gluttony, sloth, greed, envy, etc. Personally, I selected the Gluttony indulgence to cover my sweet tooth that hits every evening after dinner—the paper was appropriately emblazoned with the text ”It is just a treat (see image).”

The mobile cart was a surprise hit with kids--they lined up to watch the steps of rolling the ink, pressing the paper, and then rubbing to transfer the ink. Imin’s use of a credit card printing press to print the indulgences was probably lost on the younger set, but seemed an appropriate way to highlight the transactional nature of the project. Who doesn’t love interactive art making?