A peak into the platform prototype building

A peak into the platform prototype building

Understanding how to build a user-driven platform has stretched my non-geek brain to new areas. Thanks to my web guru and mentor Julie Thompson, a connection ZERO1 provided me with, I was able to direct my focus, during this first phase of platform-prototype building, to two major foundational areas of work: the platform-users’ needs and the platform’s search feature.    

But before I go any further, and for those who may be just joining in, my project is about building a platform that will become a hub for fostering art making in the social realm, and for promoting a healthy dialog and collaboration between this type of art practice and the sciences, the grant givers, the art institutions and the non-governmental agencies that operate with an integrative approach. The end goal of this platform is to foster a way to go about social change that integrates the creativity, the problem-stirring and the borderless experimenting capacity of socially engaged artists with disciplines that are normally bound by scientific procedures.

Back to the platform-building, in this prototype phase the users I am concentrating on are artists and foundations (or grant-givers). I now know that moving forward, I will need to find the right tools to make the search and the discovery match between the artists and the foundations. This will require many searches in order to produce something that will work best for the two sides of the equation and it will also require me and my support team to define how different things will be relating. It will be labor intensive and daunting at times, (apparently the same type of logic that powers sites like Amazon will be needed for users searching on my platform) but I am ready for the challenge and encouraged by the enthusiasm shown by both my mentor and my web developer Michal Krupa, a skilled Urbana-Champain freshman I connected with during my stint at LinkedIn. In the next few days I will be meeting with both Julie and Michal to figure out the future steps and in the upcoming months this is one of my major tasks to accomplish: creating the set of data that will allow the first initial small number of artists and foundations to be profiled and searched in the platform.

Stay tuned for more news soon.   


Image credits: http://i.stack.imgur.com/Zaa83.jpg