SEEKAGO during June's South First Fridays

SEEKAGO during June's South First Fridays

A big THANK YOU to everyone that came to visit the ZERO1 Garage last Friday during the SubZERO Festival. The night was a great success; over 2300 visitors came through our space to experience Eve Warnock’s SEEKAGO, a one night performance.

Presented throughout the ZERO1 Garage, SEEKAGO was series of five experimental films, directed by Eve, that were created to incite specific emotions in the viewer. The story is about a man and woman, and their relationship from death to life. The films, titled Breathing, Asphalt, The Chicken and The Coyote, FEAST, and Flight, tell an aspect of human, animal and environmental ecology.

The films were accompanied by a live performance, lead by Eve, that captured the audience in the Garage. The project involved “Speakers”, a roving sound performance using textiles; “Bagged”, a sculptural set design; and “Denizen”, a performance based on local native mythology. Accompanied by the films, Eve’s performance integrated costumes, sounds and movements, embodying the raw emotions.

Eve Warnock is a multi-media artist who incorporates new and old technologies in the art of storytelling. Eve was the art director for The Peer Gynt Project, directed by Kimberly Jannarone in association with the University of California Santa Cruz; fashion designer for AVEDA; window designer for Victoria Secret; and producer of Homeslice, a stop motion animation. Currently, she is also developing a curriculum that teaches storytelling through design, character development, electronics, projection, movement, and sound.

During SubZERO, we also debuted the ZERO1 Garage Summer Library, that features books about Silicon Valley, technology and innovation. Along with special publications by artists previously featured at the ZERO1 Garage and Biennial.

We hope you join us for our upcoming events. We will launch BRING IT! our summer series of talks lead by artists and community members who are pushing the boundaries of digital culture, using art to address real-world social challenges, and contributing to the community of creativity and innovation that Silicon Valley is known for.