SJSU Paseo Prototyping Festival

SJSU Paseo Prototyping Festival

Paseo Prototyping

ZERO1 at Paseo Prototyping Festival

SJSU Hammer Theatre Center
101 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose

ZERO1 is partnering with the Paseo Prototyping Festival to produce a series of creative interventions during the festival that explore civic innovation using the combined disciplines of art, science, and technology. As varied in format as they are in content, the interventions include: a public sculpture that serves as an augmented reality portal into the Bay Area housing crisis; a panel discussion on international community projects that apply art, science, and technology to civic challenges; DIY holograms that increase LGBTQ visibility and further equality; an arts incubator workshop on cross-sector collaboration for social impact; and site-specific projection mapping at the festival that addresses the topic of social inclusion.

Paseo Prototyping Festival: Securing the Virtual Border


Arts Incubators: Cross-Sector Collaboration for Social Impact


American Arts Incubator Global Sustainability Projects and Their Relationship to Civic Innovation


More Than Love on the Horizon: Queer Projects


Large-scale Projection Mapping