ZERO1 Launches Fellowship Program

ZERO1 Launches Fellowship Program

As many of you are aware, the ZERO1 Fellowship program is one of the numerous programs premiering at the ZERO1 Garage. Last Wednesday evening over 75 people came to meet the inaugural ZERO1 Fellows and learn about each of their projects. ZERO1 Fellows are charged with developing lines of artistic research and cultural production in response to a specific innovation challenge. They will have access to emerging technology, resources and expertise provided by sponsors and the Fellowship network is further informed by ZERO1 exhibitions, talks, publishing, and special events that establish context and serve to inspire.

We’re extremely excited to provide the ZERO1 Fellows with the opportunity to pursue their projects in both the traditional context of interdisciplinary, peer-to-peer networks and communities, as well as through unique collaborations with industry partners on innovations that will have the potential to positively impact society.

The ZERO1 Garage is both a physical and conceptual platform for artistic experimentation that recognizes the artist as the ultimate provocateur, risk-taker, and source of innovation. As the centerpiece of the ZERO1 Garage, the Fellowship Program is specifically designed to enable artists who are engaged in collaborative research and experimentation to focus on the driving problems of our times. These areas of interest are not often spoken about by artists outside of the customary ‘shop talk’, yet it’s a primary part of many artists’ practices. Chosen from a pool of international applicants, the first class of ZERO1 Fellows includes Cecilia Galiena, Paula Levine, and Daniela Steinsapir. Each of the ZERO1 Fellows is supported by one of ZERO1’s Fellowship sponsors, Adobe Creative Technologies Lab, The Christensen Fund, and Google Inc.

In addition to insights about each ZERO1 Fellow's projects, we officially announced the next ZERO1 Fellowship opportunity with San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs and funded in cooperation with ArtPlace. This ZERO1 Fellowship is for a robust, replicable, and innovative infrastructure that can be used as a platform for downtown wayfinding as a key element of the City’s Illuminating Downtown Project. The artist will envision a system that incorporates various forms of mapping, data-mining, lighting, connectivity and interaction including embedded and/or sensor networks. Stay tuned for call for submissions and more details!

ZERO1 is where art meets technology to shape the future and the ZERO1 Fellowship program helps us continue to realize this mission through leading the conversation and continually applying the lens of arts to complex problems of contemporary society.