For the ZERO1 music lovers by Emma Polster

For the ZERO1 music lovers by Emma Polster

Four amazing bands that will play the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial Street Festival:

April Chase
Native to San Jose, April Chase is a young band that has been gaining more attention and fame after winning the Battle of the Bands in 2010. With lead vocals from Carina Valdes, Tim Ferguson on the guitar, Brian Walker on the bass, and Lachlan Franckx on the drums, they are known for their Indie Rock melodies that lead up to dramatic climaxes. With an album already out they have hits such as, “Time Won’t Tell,” and “All You Need to Say.”   Their boundless enthusiasm makes every performance memorable, so come and see them at the ZERO1 Street Art Festival at 6:45pm this Friday night, September 14th!

French Cassettes
Still as strong as ever, the French Cassettes met in high school and have been playing and creating music together for the past five years. Originating in Ripon, California, the group relocated to the Bay Area, where they continued to develop their music. The group, composed of vocalist and guitarist Scott Huerta, drummer Ben Isganitis, bass guitarist Thomas Huerta, and keyboardist/guitarist Mackenzie Bunch, jam out in Indie Pop style. Their album “Summer Darling” features one of their major hits, “Radley.” The group will be performing this Friday, September 14th, at 8:00 at the ZERO1 Street Art Festival.

The Blank Tapes
Matt Adams, originator of the Blank Tapes, started out as a one-man band - writing and playing songs with the help of an 8-track cassette tape (thus the band’s name).  With the addition of fellow band members, Pearl Charles, DA Humphrey, and Will Halsey, the group has become internationally recognized - touring as far as Brazil, across Europe, and Japan. The band, working in a style that crosses genres from Folk Rock to Indie Garage, is in the midst of recording their exciting new album, “Vacation,” to be released  in early 2013. To hear them live come to the ZERO1 Street Art Festival this Friday, September 14th, at 9:00pm.

Seventeen Evergreen
Seventeen Evergreen is a duo of singer/multi-instrumentalists, Caleb Plate and Nephi Evans, who use new technologies to enhance their wildly creative and unique musical compositions. Creating psychedelic rock music intertwined with electronic experimentation, the duo creates energetic beats with attention-grabbing, mind-dazzling  lyrics. After the hit “Polarity Song,” they released a new album, “Steady On, Scientist!”  inspired by pseudo-science and pataphysics, a branch of study engaged in the exploration of  imaginary solutions. While it has become commonplace to hear that classical music stimulates brain function, the intention of this album goes further.  The artists specifically hope for these songs to encourage a pataphysical state of mind in the audience. To experience this new scientifically- inspired music join Seventeen Evergreen this Friday, September 14th, at the ZERO1 Street Art Festival at 10:00pm.