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Design Thinking

To develop my innovation project, it has been really interesting to me  to go to through the design thinking process combined with the lean startup model. I have been using the design thinking process for many years now but every time I use the process in my work is different and presents its own particular challenges. One of the most fun challenges that I had throughout the process is to go through many iterations and being comfortable with ambiguity.  However, what helped me stay “focused” was my confidence in the process.

Hundreds Play Story-Story at South First Fridays

On April 5th during South First Fridays at the ZERO1 garage I invited visitors to contribute to my research by playing a digital collaborative storytelling game. The game was “story-story” (also commonly known as the add on story game), where one person starts a story and then each person takes a turn continuing the story. The modification I made to the original game was having the visitors alternate between adding an image or a sentence that would move the story forward.  It was really interesting to see how the same starting point of the story could lead to so many different narrative directions and I begin to understand how people used images to move a story forward.


I am really excited to start sharing my process through this blog and to continue to update my fellowship space at the ZERO1 Garage.  As some of you may be aware, I am an artist/ designer Fellow embedded at Adobe’s Creative Technologies lab. I work with a group computer research scientists researching the field of computer graphics, data visualization, human computer interaction and machine learning. You can know more about my Project Fellowship here.

At my fellowship space visitors have been able to contribute to my project by posting sticky notes of the thoughts that have come to their minds related to my research topics. I loved the space; and it has been really wonderful to get feedback from all of you. One of the great findings that I discovered through this feedback process is that people care a lot about storytelling! I really enjoyed reading all of the posts and mini stories, emotions and thoughts that people shared with me.

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