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What's at the Tech Museum for the Biennial? (artists Zigelbaum + Coelho)

For Jamie Zigelbaum and Marcello Coelho, their work is striving to bring what they call a contemporary experience. Through their latest installation at the Tech Museum, entitled 'Resolution' they bring a whole new interactive experience to the idea of painting. The work consists of dozens of “pixels” magnetically attached to a metal wall. Each “pixel” is a self-sufficient computer emitting a single-color light which changes when tapped. These “pixels” react to you, interact with one another and in general create a completely dynamic and engaging display for a visitor to enjoy.

For the ZERO1 music lovers by Emma Polster

Four amazing bands that will play the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial Street Festival:

Denizen by Emma Polster

Coexisting with wildlife is an unavoidable part of living in the hills and less-trafficked sections of the Bay Area. The coyote is a native animal to California and despite the human development, found specifically in the Silicon Valley, the coyote has been able to thrive by adapting to it’s new surroundings. A group of Midwest based artists, eve Warnock, Tina Matthews, and Colin McDonald, focus on the coyote as the primary subject for their latest collaborative work, performance piece, Denizen.

ZERO1 Receives Community Development Grant from Bank of America

ZERO1 is excited to announce that we were recipients of a Community Development grant from Bank of America Charitable Foundation. The Bank of America Charitable Foundation has awarded ZERO1 this grant in support of the ZERO1 Garage, where artistic creativity is applied to real world innovative challenges.

Last month, Bank of America Charitable Foundation announced $22 million in grants to nonprofits that impact Community Development in communities across the country.  This includes groups that develop affordable housing, support homeowners, and arts organizations in recognition of the vital role they play in economic development and creating great places to live and work. ZERO1 is honored to be recognized as one of the arts organizations that make our neighborhoods vibrant places to live and work.  This grant lends a tremendous vote of confidence in our creative place making efforts in San Jose through the ZERO1 Garage in downtown SoFA District. Bank of America Charitable Foundation grants will support more than 650 national and local nonprofits in 34 states.

Devan Wong, Art Ambassador!

Devan Wong, is a student at San Jose State. Though having only recently switched her major to Digital Media, she's hopeful to have finally found her true artistic passion. In her dream job, she would be working with some of the world's greatest designers, marketers and artists at either Pixar, Nike, or Apple, all of which she likes for the way they are able to reach out to the public. She has practiced basketball and volleyball most of her life and considers making the San Jose State Volleyball team one of her biggest accomplishments so far. In her free time you could find her sweating at the gym, continually fueling her strive for competition. She loves the ethnic diversity found in San Jose. To her, Seeking Silicon Valley is a great way to further celebrate the different cultures and diverse ways of thinking which make up the Valley's rich pallet of humanity.