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April 2, 2013

I find myself in the remarkable position of being a ZERO1 Fellow, engaged in the challenge of bringing underlying ideas from previous work to the foreground to shape a project that enables connections between disparate places and circumstances. The underlying force is empathy; that curious ability to project ourselves into the experiences of others. To paraphrase Susan Sontag in Regarding the pain of others, place ourselves on the map of another’s suffering, bypassing sympathy, and imagine their suffering as our own.[Susan Sontag. Regarding the pain of others (Picador, 2004),103.]


I am really excited to start sharing my process through this blog and to continue to update my fellowship space at the ZERO1 Garage.  As some of you may be aware, I am an artist/ designer Fellow embedded at Adobe’s Creative Technologies lab. I work with a group computer research scientists researching the field of computer graphics, data visualization, human computer interaction and machine learning. You can know more about my Project Fellowship here.

At my fellowship space visitors have been able to contribute to my project by posting sticky notes of the thoughts that have come to their minds related to my research topics. I loved the space; and it has been really wonderful to get feedback from all of you. One of the great findings that I discovered through this feedback process is that people care a lot about storytelling! I really enjoyed reading all of the posts and mini stories, emotions and thoughts that people shared with me.

Sharing A.N.D. Social Practice with a great audience and in a great space

First of all, I am really falling in love with the ZERO1 Garage and the ZERO1 Fellowship program. I love the space; I love what it is used for and what it brings to the people who visit it, including myself.

I admit it, I was nervous before the talk started last Friday. But the outcome was unexpectedly positive for me. I presented my ZERO1 Fellowship project – the occasion was the monthly Art/Tech: In Conversation talk at the Garage. Results? It helped me gain more awareness both about the project and about what it is that I need to do going forward. (By the way, I hope you know a little bit already about my project from the ZERO1 site, and in case you don’t here it is.

The Bay Lights: a mingling of low/high culture

Beginnings of a conversation between Joel Slayton and Jaime Austin

Part I
A few evenings ago, Joel Slayton and I stood on the Embarcadero. Before us all was The Bay Lights, a massive public art project by artist Leo Villareal that is soon to become the largest, most famous, and most photographed public artwork in the city. If you’re anywhere near the waterfront at night this artwork is unavoidable. You can’t not see it.

ZERO1 hosts Southern California Leadership Network

ZERO1 had the pleasure of hosting Southern California Leadership Network at the ZERO1 Garage during their trip to the Bay Area. The Southern California Leadership Network is comprised of selected executives from around the state ranging from the business, non-profit and public sectors.