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My highlights from day THREE!

The third day of the Biennial saw more awesome garage action. More events and the opening of the long anticipated (e)MERGE street festival!  Here are some things I saw:

Video, Dance, and Music Speak for Astrophysics

What do you get when you combine a team of dancers, musicians, a software developer, a filmmaker, and an astrophysicist?

You get a multimedia, multi-layered, multi disciplinary event in the deliberate span of three minutes and forty-five seconds.

The concerted performance of Three Bodies is a demonstration of three celestial masses traveling in the speed and scale of human gesture. I interviewed Drew Detweiler, who studied in the Digital Arts and New Media (DANM) program at UC Santa Cruz and who engineered the video projection component of Three Bodies.

I asked him why it should take dancers and other artists to explain a scientific concept. He plots the points on a piece of paper, and soon it becomes apparent to me that he’s illustrating a triangle of proportions 3-4-5, a simple shape used in applying the Pythagorean theorem in trigonometry. The efforts become increasingly deliberate as he explains further:

My second-day highlights of the Biennial

Today the biennial picked up right where it left off the VIP Preview on Wednesday. The Garage was open and there were a lot of things going on:

What's at the Tech Museum for the Biennial? (artists Zigelbaum + Coelho)

For Jamie Zigelbaum and Marcello Coelho, their work is striving to bring what they call a contemporary experience. Through their latest installation at the Tech Museum, entitled 'Resolution' they bring a whole new interactive experience to the idea of painting. The work consists of dozens of “pixels” magnetically attached to a metal wall. Each “pixel” is a self-sufficient computer emitting a single-color light which changes when tapped. These “pixels” react to you, interact with one another and in general create a completely dynamic and engaging display for a visitor to enjoy.

For the ZERO1 music lovers by Emma Polster

Four amazing bands that will play the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial Street Festival: