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01SJ Adobe Global Youth Voices

"01SJ Adobe Global Youth Voices" Exhibition

Sponsored by Adobe Systems, Inc.

With the generous support of Adobe Systems, Inc., ZER01 is seizing the opportunity of the 2nd Biennial 01SJ Festival to facilitate a global youth digital arts production initiative via a micro-grant program. This project will fund 18 different international artists, arts collectives and established non-profit arts organizations and institutions to support the creation of new work by young digital artists (ages 11- 21 years) during the months leading up to the 01SJ Festival. 01SJ Adobe Global Youth Voices will culminate in an exhibition at The Tech Museum of Innovation during the 01SJ Festival in June 2008, featuring the work generated by the youth, as well as the stories and process of each of the groups in receipt of their micro-grants.

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An independent nonprofit organization whose primary mission is to conduct a biennial festival that will offer attendees compelling experiences made possible at the intersection of art and digital culture. ZER01 is the producing organization for 01SJ: A global festival of art on the edge.