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Patent Pending at ZERO1

Written by Sieglinde Van Damme. Originally posted on Content Magazine here. 

Never failing to position itself as a discussion platform, the ZERO1 Garage is currently hosting the exhibit Patent Pending. Participating artists have either obtained or are in the process of obtaining a patent for the artwork they created. The exhibit is an invitation to contemplate the link between creative ownership, entrepreneurship, and the potential of the artistic process to drive innovation far beyond art gallery walls.

Patent Pending Opening Soon!

As summer draws to a close, Patent Pending our 2013 Fall exhibition is right around the corner! Here at the ZERO1 Garage we’re gearing up for the opening on September 28th, 2013. The space is currently being transformed to be an inspiring backdrop for the seven artists who will be featured in the exhibition. Like the entrepreneurs and inventors who have defined Silicon Valley, many artists have applied for patents with broad uses beyond their artistic practice. Join us for the opening reception and explore the connection between artists, invention, and ownership. This event will include opening remarks from artist and researcher Michael Naimark, who is listed as an inventor on more than a dozen patents and has a personal connection with each artist in the show.

Through the eyes of the Cloud Machine

We had the pleasure of working with artist Karolina Sobecka at South First Fridays this month when she showcased Cloud Machines. The ZERO1 Garage was transformed into the Cloud Lab where the public examined the Cloud Machine and the Cloud Collector weather balloons, as well as learn more about cloud formation and geo-engineering. Over 500 people came through the ZERO1 Garage that night and not only got to see the physical components of Sobecka’s Cloud Machine, Cloud Collector, as well as video documentation of them in action, but many visitors were able to engage directly with Sobecka. The following morning, many of us gathered at Pentencia Creek Park for the official launch of the Cloud Machine. Originally Sobecka had planned on launching both the Cloud Machine and the Cloud Collector, but it was a gorgeous day in San Jose with not a cloud in the sky, so the Cloud Collector was sadly grounded.

Can Artists Heal Nature?

Can artists heal nature? At its core, such a question evokes the ambiguous relationship between humanity and the natural landscape. As curator, writer and artist Janet Owen Driggs expressed in her ZERO1 BRINT IT! event, such a question is important “because of the assumptions the question rests upon.” Driggs spoke of the artistic perspective’s assumed power to depict the world relative to the eye of a single viewer in hopes of acheiving a representation that best corresponds with what is or is desired to be seen and experienced.


For many people, the notion of origin suggests a narrative of immigrating to one place from another, having daily roots in one country and familial, cultural or historical roots in another. However, since the proliferation of public access to DNA testing, narratives of origin have become more nuanced portraits of who we are and where we have come from, giving diversity visibility, as it is embodied within each of us.