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ZERO1 Artist, Christopher Baker ~ Review of Murmur Study

Creating strategies around how to deal with technology can become tiresome and futile. Technology is constantly at our fingertips for the majority of our days and, sometimes, nights. When we go to bed and wake up, virtuality and the Internet remain ubiquitously present. We may as well have our mobile devices tucked safely underneath our pillows for fear of being disconnected. If alien life forms were to descend, they may wonder how we obtain and retain our information. How do you describe looking into a backlit rectangular screen for approximately eight hours a day as a way to intellectually and emotionally digest images and contextualize your environment?

Taiko & Technology a ZERO1 Biennial Performance

Every year San Jose Taiko self-produces their "Rhythm Spirit" concert series in the Fall.  On September 21st and 22nd this year the theme of "Taiko+Technology" presented work that was inspired by technologists/scientists/artists in a way that reflects the flavor of the Silicon Valley. It was part of the 9 Evenings Performance program in the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial. ZERO1 was excited to explore this partnership and see where their journey into technology took the Tiako performers.  During the summer they set up "playdate" sessions with various specialists in tech/scientific related fields where they learned and freely explored possibilities and then shared the playdate experiences through social media in a way that engages and challenges the audiences.

We sat down with Artistic Director of San Jose Taiko Franco Imperial and asked him a few questions about their experience this year and the relationship of San Jose Taiko within the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial.

Platform: A Full Day at City Hall by Content Magazine

We wanted to share a great article by Flora Moreno de Thompson at Content Magazine on the Platform: Building Networks to Catalyze Creative Urban Culture symposium that was part of the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial. Check out the original article along with some great photos at and see many event images taken by JP Costanzo

This is what Kerry Adams-Hapner, Director of City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, wanted everyone to know at the convening on creative placemaking at City Hall last Friday. The event, titled Platform: Building Networks to Catalyze Creative Urban Culture, brought together artists and arts-rooted businesses to talk more about creative urban culture and placemaking.

Art Ambassador Ken Yuzuriha

Ken Yuzuriha is a man of very few words. At first, he may seem shy but a keen observer and listener. He is strategic and a hard worker who knows how to fulfill his tasks. Although bashfulness, he communicates with the public through music. Loudly banging on his Taiko drums, Ken is a 4th year member in his ensemble at Stanford.

Support Lynn Hershman Leeson's Killer App

ZERO1 Biennial artist Lynn Hershman Leeson has a new project she is working on called Killer AppKiller App is a film and art installation informed by Nobel scientists about critical evolutionary shifts in our age of genetic mutation. We wanted to give you a sneak peek into what she is working on and ask for your help in supporting in funding it.

Only 4 days remaining to raise the funds!