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Retratos de Ciudad

The new exhibition at MACLA/Movimiento de Arte y Cultura Latino Americana, Retratos de Ciudad (City Portraits) by Marcos Ramirez ERRE , is now open in the SoFa district of downtown San Jose.

Nancy Nowacek, Now and Forever Exhibition

Nancy Nowacek, a 2012 ZERO1 Biennial artist, Nowacek describes the Silicon Valley as  “ambition, drive and failure,” in her sneak peak video.  Nowacek debut her Now and Forever installation on August 28 , located in the Natalie and James Thompson Gallery.

Augmenting Art

When Google finally starts selling their Google Glasses to the public in 2014 and people start to really explore the hidden layers of augmented reality data, they might be surprised to find that the virtual world is littered with graffiti. That’s because artists like John Craig Freeman have been creating virtual public art where no graffiti artist dared to create before, right in front of everyone.

In the past twenty years, Freeman has created a great number of public artworks including roadside billboards that take several miles to unfold. More recently his work has taken a virtual twist with the technology boom as he explores the uncharted territory of augmented and virtual reality to develop and showcase his public works of art.

Walking Onto the City Beneath the City with SJICA

30 August 2012

Last week, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art (SJ ICA) hosted a walking tour of the area now known as Market Street in Downtown San Jose, with historian Connie Yu, artist Rene Yung, and curator Susan O’Malley as the tour guides. Rene Yung’s exhibition, entitled City Beneath the City, "exposes a history of the valley before it was dubbed Silicon Valley," by displaying artifacts excavated from a Chinatown neighborhood which existed in the same geographical area in the 19th Century.

Call for Participants – Micha Cárdenas

Do you consider yourself an activist? Are you passionate about queer bodies, reducing gendered violence, and class struggle? (e)MERGE artists Micha Cárdenas, Allison Wyper, Karen Anzoategui and Bianca Molina are tackling these issues for their performance of Find Each Other: Local Autonomy Networks (2011), and they're looking for about ten participants to attend a free workshop at MACLA, just across the street from the ZERO1 Garage, on Friday, September 14, 2012. The interactive workshop will be held from 3pm – 6pm, while the performance, based on input from workshop participants, will follow at 7:30pm.

If you'd like to play a part in what will ultimately create this performance, please email as soon as possible with your contact information, a brief description of your background (activist, performance, art practice, community based art, etc.), a link to your website (if applicable), and why you are interested in participating. Though some performance experience is recommended, it is not required.