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An Evening with the Google Doodlers


A couple weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending the first of The Computer History Museum's Revolutionaries Speaker series. It was entitled The Art and Technology Behind Google Doodles. For those who don't know, Google Doodles are those artistic and sometimes interactive redesigns of the Google logo when you first enter their main search engine page. These are made in commemoration of important birthdays, special events or just fond memories. For more information on this incredible story you can visit this page.


More from Pi in the Sky


The opening of the Biennial is fast approaching! We just heard from the ISHKY team and they wanted to share this update about their Biennial public art project. Check out their blog below and also their kickstarter campagin.

"The Pi in the Sky launch is a little over thirty days away. REMEMBER TO LOOK UP.  Our project partners are racing to complete their part of the pi, as the world's largest ephemeral installation gears up for its maiden voyage.

Those in the know, will be as excited as we are that Stamen Design has joined the team. That's right, they cued us up after finishing their work for the London Olympics. We cannot wait to see the pre-Pi map they have under wraps.

Collaborate, Inspire, and Celebrate-Vital elements of ZERO1's Place-Making

With less than 30 days to go till the opening of the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial and the official opening of ZERO1 Garage in San Jose’s SoFA district, we’re bursting with excitement to share the concept of ZERO1 Garage with you!

The Garage opens its doors on September 12, 2012, with the debut of “Seeking Silicon Valley”, the main 2012 ZERO1 Biennial Exhibition.

Through the lens of art and technology, the ZERO1 Garage will inform strategies for research, development and creativity by provoking challenges that address the complex world in which we live.  The Garage is envisioned as a platform for creative risk-takers from the arts and culture, business, science and academic sectors to engage, interact and spur innovative change.

To date, ZERO1's nationally recognized contemporary art Biennial has generated over 20 million dollars in economic impact. ZERO1 Garage programming will be incorporated into ZERO1's creative place-making efforts to establish Silicon Valley/ San Jose as a destination that reflects the innovation, and creative entrepreneurial spirit for which the region is renowned.

Unveiling the Urban Screen

With the advent of such phenomena as Netflix, moviegoing is hardly a communal event these days. It’s become more common to sit in front of your laptop and stream feature-length films than to engage with movies in a shared setting – drive-ins, for example, are things of the past. Movie-watching has turned into a casual activity akin to browsing Facebook. As a challenge to moviegoing’s increasingly distant and remote nature, then, ZERO1 has commissioned an Urban Screen project along with the San Jose Public Art Program as part of our upcoming Biennial.

Seeking Shelter in Silicon Valley

Local artist Corinne Okada Takara is aiming high for the Fall 2012 ZERO1 Biennial. Her project, Seeking Shelter, is a youth design challenge that will launch with a conceptual installation of a bus shelter at the Biennial. The youth challenge includes children from elementary, middle, and high school designing a bus shelter for their community. Takara’s involvement in art education has inspired kids to think differently.