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Year in Review: Connecting Creative Communities


This has been a momentous year. 2017 has put our institutions to the test and demanded action in the streets. Making meaning in the midst of the turmoil, we have been reimagining what civic action looks like. Working in collaboration with government and individual citizens, ZERO1 has supported artists across the globe who are applying their creativity to the challenges their communities face.

This year ZERO1 artists made art that mattered: addressing homelessness in San Jose; improving disability inclusion in Moscow; championing economic equity in Guatemala City; probing water quality in Bangkok; cultivating peace in Medellín; promoting environmental health in Phnom Penh. More than ever before, we see the importance of connecting communities directly so that we may share approaches and align our efforts.

Prix Mobile Opening at DigitalArti December 8

For all you 'mobile' artists out there, DigitalArti is presenting a new annual prize for mobile image creators. Here is a recap about the awards and the exhibition:
Prix Mobile is a new, annual prize for mobile image creators which recognizes mobile art as a distinct art form in its own right. The competition is judged by an international jury of practicing artists, photographers, videographers, art curators, entrepreneurs, academics, internet and media luminaries, and the winner of Prix Mobile 2011 will be awarded a one thousand euro prize and trophy in Paris during LeWeb.
The Genesis of  Prix Mobile
Apps on cameraphones, smartphones and tablets have truly democratised the making of art. Over 20 million people are now exploring creative image making which goes beyond just taking pictures, and they are sharing the results with an unselfconscious freedom.

Scott Snibbe on Biophilia

Here's a great interview with Scott Snibbe's. Enjoy!

Biophilia de Bjork, l'album du futur?

ZERO1 Garage: An inside look

October 27 marked the kick-off of the ZERO1 Garage, where principles of artistic creativity will be applied to real world innovation challenges. The buzz among the 40 participants – who included art world professionals, business leaders, tech entrepreneurs, and policy makers – was at high pitch. Seated at four round tables, attention quickly turned to opening remarks from Joel Slayton, ZERO1’s executive director.

ZERO1 Garage

I want you to imagine:

Colombian mammoth graces exterior of Children's Discovery Museum

SF-based artist JD Beltran presents Portal, and a related short film, Journey, inspired by the discovery of a juvenile Colombian mammoth now the subject of a major exhibition at Children's Discovery Museum of San Jose.  Both new works reflect on the deep past, the collapse of time, and how we visualize time through art.


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