Contenda, a visual quiz show - organized by Tim Roseborough
Contenda is an experimental contest based on the quiz bowl / college bowl format prominent in high schools and universities across the globe. The Contenda format consists of a "quiz bowl" format in which three to four contestants are provided with a button "buzzer" system and a host asks twenty to thirty questions about artists, artworks, artistic movements, and other queries pertinent to visual culture. A screen is used for visual clues to accompany the questions. Digital images and animations presented in "puzzle" and "brain teaser" formats will form the "New Media Art" aspect of the event.


: Thursday, August 29, 2013
Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm
Location: ZERO1 Garage
439 S. 1st Street, San Jose

More details:
Artists in the 21st century are burdened with history. Contemporary artists are haunted by every artistic breakthrough and innovation that has come before and are somewhat responsible for being knowledgeable about them. The charges of "nothing is new under the sun" and "it's all been done before…" are a major tenet of the Post-modern charge. Furthermore, thanks to the Internet and proliferation of mobile technology, the world of images and visual culture is increasingly available to us, and along with it, the history of Art and visual culture. Artist Tim Roseborough has found that one way to confront the overwhelming magnitude of this information is to, literally, "trivialize" it and integrate this wealth of information into a knowledge-based game.

Playing Contenda will encourage art acolytes and the public to explore and educate themselves about Art history and visual culture.

About Tim Roseborough
Tim Roseborough is a digital artist and musician. In 2012, Mr. Roseborough’s presented “A Puzzling Display,” an online artwork and accompanying exhibition at the New Art Center, New York. Mr. Roseborough has exhibited nationally. His art work and exhibitions have been included in numerous publications, including Art In America, ART News, the San Francisco Chronicle, SF Arts Monthly, the SF Examiner and the San Francisco Bay Guardian periodicals. He has performed and shown artwork at the 2012 and 2010 01SJ New Media Biennials, The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, ProArts Gallery, Performance Art Institute, Root Division, Artexpo New York, The Garage, San Francisco, ARTWork SF and Catharine Clark Galleries in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Roseborough lives and works in San Francisco, California. 


Contenda is part of ZERO1 summer program BRING IT! Each week this summer, we’re handing  over the ZERO1 Garage to innovative artists and community members who are pushing the boundaries of digital culture, using art to address real-world social challenges, and contributing to the community of creativity and innovation that Silicon Valley is known for.