OpenLab: Creating Art + Science Platforms to Engage Citizens and Grow Community Workshops, Exhibits, and Talks, organized by Jennifer Parker

Learn about Phytoplankton, Desalination and Bike Mechanics. Create CB Radios, 
Discover How to Build DIY Water Rafts
 and Play Yahoo Answers Jeopardy Game Show

Join artists Gene Felice, Laura Wright, Matthew Jamieson, Kyle McKinley, Wes Modes, FICTILIS and Blue Trail for a series of innovative, creative and collaborative workshops combining art, community, design, technology, and science. Bay Area participants of all ages welcome to attend!

Wednesday, July 24th: 2:00pm-5:00pm
Friday July 26th: 6:00-9:00pm

The OpenLab is a new research initiative at the University of California, Santa Cruz for interdisciplinary and collaborative projects across fields. For this program OpenLab is creating a series of innovative, creative and collaborative workshops combining art, community, design, technology, and science that attract participants of all ages from around the Bay Area. 

Workshops and events are free but we'd love to know you are coming: RSVP HERE!
All events will be at the ZERO1 Garage, located at 439 S. 1st Street, San Jose

Project #1: Blue Trail
Produced by Lisa Zimmerman, curated by Laura Cassidy-Rogers and directed by Jennifer Parker
Installation of Blue Trail Project Posters + Film

Come learn more about the Blue Trail, a trailblazing new approach with a range of innovative, interdisciplinary programs and projects that raise awareness of the ocean crisis and engage the public in new and imaginative ways. READ MORE >>



Project #2: Blue Trail Project: Oceanic Scales
Balance through Biomimicry with Gene Felice
Workshops and Screenings

Participate in workshops and discussions about art, design, ocean health and phytoplankton. All ages welcome! Learn about the artist's innteractive art and science installation about phytoplankton that focuses on helping people to understand their role in maintaining a balanced ocean ecology. READ MORE >>



Project #3: Radidio (slang CB, or Citizen’s Band radio)
With Laura Wright
Interactive Installation

Participate in Radidio (slang CB, or Citizen’s Band radio, and explore the posibilities of low-rfequency radio communitcations through a hands-on workshop where participants can create a crystal radio and explore the use of AM radio even after they have left the exhibition. See the power of this communication translated through the very basic and old radio technology of crystal radios and communicate on AM frequencies via CB radios. READ MORE >>


Project #4: Regional Desalination

With Matthew Jamieson 

Explore the future of local water issues participate in workshops led by Jamieson centered around the issue of regional desalination. READ MORE >>



Project #5: Learning the Wheel
With Kyle Mckinley

Join Kyle Lane-McKinley for bike workshops and discussions on the collaborations such as his "bike tent" that brought communites to come together around sustainable transportation, technical education, and the specific needs of farm workers in isolated regions. READ MORE >>



Project #6 DIY Raft Building
With Wes Modes  

Learn about punk rafting adventures as artist Wes Modes demonstrate the art and technology of DIY raft building, share photos, and talk about his experience punk rafting since 2005. READ MORE >>




Project #7 FICTILIS: Research and Game Show Development
With cofounders Andrea Steves and Timothy Furstnau
Show Time: Friday 7/26. 8pm

FICTILIS will be holding open “office hours” at ZERO1 Garage during the day on Friday July 26th, working on and presenting three early-stage research projects, in which visitors can participate, focused on 1) the first uses of various technologies, 2) internet superstitions, and 3) notions of correctness and relevance on the popular crowdsourced Q&A site Yahoo Answers. Visitors in the evening can also participate in an informal trial run of our game show in development, “Yahoo Answers Jeopardy”. READ MORE >>>