Effect|Affect, a performance organized by Lauren Baines Dance/Theatre. (This piece is specifically a collaboration between Lauren Baines & Matthew Johns)
Lauren Baines Dance/Theatre premieres Effect|Affect, the collaborative work of Lauren Baines and Matthew Johns, an interactive performance featuring modern dance and real-time projection and audio technology to create an immersive and responsive environment for performer and audience.  Exploring the interaction between bodies and technology, passive and trained responses versus conscious circuitry acting with agency, the relationship between performer and the simulated environment shifts over the course of the performance.  By the end, performer and technology become equal agents altering the audio and visual landscape as dancer (Baines) and media artist (Johns) respond to one another in a structured improvisation.  

: Friday, August 9th 2013
Time: 6:30pm (Performance will begin at 7:00pm)
Location: ZERO1 Garage
439 S. 1st Street, San Jose

More about Organizers

Lauren Baines is predominantly a choreographer and dancer, but her practice feels most at home in an interdisciplinary arena where collaborations and multiple disciplines inform the development of a work. She is interested in diverse themes, but many pieces center on memory, identity, communication, perception, or issues around loss.  Baines currently works at Montalvo Arts Center, but beginning this fall she will pursue her MFA at Mills College. 


Matthew Johns is a lighting and video designer focusing in theatre and dance. Formerly a freelance designer based out of the Bay Area, he is currently getting his MFA at UCLA. He is interested in technology's increasing role as a storytelling device, and developing technology from being background media into a true artistic tool. You can see his full portfolio as



Effect|Affect is part of ZERO1 summer program BRING IT! Each week this summer, we’re handing  over the ZERO1 Garage to innovative artists and community members who are pushing the boundaries of digital culture, using art to address real-world social challenges, and contributing to the community of creativity and innovation that Silicon Valley is known for.