BRING IT! Performance Art Series with ATOM-r (Anatomical Theatres of Mixed Reality)

Come experience The Operature, a live performance and augmented reality poem engaging themes of forensics, anatomical science, and spectacle. Participants can further explore the material and discover virtual layers of text and imagery through use of a special smartphone application. The Chicago Tribune describes the performance as “an ingenious curio cabinet of carefully selected language, props and movement”.

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About Anatomical Theatres of Mixed Reality (ATOM-r) 
Anatomical Theatres of Mixed Reality (ATOM-r) is a provisional collective exploring forensics, anatomy, and 21st century embodiment through performance, language and emerging technologies. The collective’s process creates a deeply entangled exchange between the live body and ubiquitously distributed data-driven systems. A project-specific ecology of source material from both originally-generated and externally-sampled feeds is internalized as movement, visualized as continuous panorama across screens, and mapped to bodies and geo-physical space through locative and computer-vision based augmented reality.

ATOM-r Co-founders Mark Jeffery and Judd Morrissey are a long-standing collaboration merging visual performance and computational poetics. Their projects are constructed as lush systems flowing generatively between bodies, objects and screens. A given work is a fluid; cumulative body of material that may have no singular fixed form but is alternately or simultaneously presented as Internet art, participatory event, durational live installation or a performance of fixed length.