March South First Fridays at ZERO1

ZERO1 will be open late Friday March 1st for you to experience QRspace+DJspace in iLOUNGE with featured artist David Gasteneta, Michael Joaquin Grey's Umwelt Belt and the ZOOB Zone. Come and interact, build and explore from 7:00pm-10:00pm at the ZERO1 Garage.

QRspace is a responsive virtual environment that allows visitors from the iLOUNGE to apply material surfaces to the topography of the public space via QR code applications and activations. Visitors are able to manipulate the public space through digital projections and audio components. The digital, acoustic, and physical layer of QRspace generate a new experience of iLOUNGE that is defined by user in-put and influenced by button-up participation.

Umwelt Belt by Michael Joaquin Grey
Umwelt Belt (2012), is a large-scale computational cinema installation featuring a collection of monotone objects that flow in space to create a stream of history from our cultural fossil record. Computers, televisions, cameras, radios, telephones and musical instruments—historic forms that have framed and mediated our view of the world—float in a mobius strip in deep space functioning as prosthetics of ourselves and the cultural canon.

Grey’s artistic exploration also led to the invention of ZOOB, an award-winning building and creativity tool that is part of the permanent design collection at MoMA New York. The “ZOOB Zone” is an interactive ZOOB workshop area featuring over 10,000 ZOOB units where visitors can participate in a series of playful prototyping events, and contribute to a growing archive of creations.