ZERO1 Fellows Area

The ZERO1 Fellowship is a platform for artistic experimentation that recognizes the artist as the ultimate provocateur, risk-taker, and untapped resource of innovation. Working in collaboration with partner companies, cultural institutions, and academic research centers, ZERO1 Fellows are charged with developing lines of artistic research and cultural production in response to a specific innovation challenge. They focus on cross-sector collaboration and problem solving while leveraging emerging technology, resources and expertise provided by sponsors. The ZERO1 Fellowship area at the ZERO1 Garage dedicated to sharing the research and outcomes of our Fellows.

The ZERO1 Fellowship area is on display starting January 23, 2013 will be Cecilia Galiena, Paula Levine, and Daniela Steinsapir. The ZERO1 Fellowship hours is open during whenever the ZERO1 Garage is open to the public. Check out the current hours and dates here.




January 23, 2013 to January 23, 2014