ZERO1 Garage Society


ZERO1 invites you to join the Garage Society and get under the hood to learn how artists are helping to change our world. ZERO1 believes that art, at the frontier of technology, helps shift our perspective and shape our awareness of the world by provoking new ideas, experimentation, and creative strategies. As a Garage Society member, you will meet and converse with artists who are helping drive social change and get a behind-the-scenes look at the most cutting edge regional, national, and international projects. Things get interesting when disciplines rub up against each other. We invite you to join us and enter into the dialogue by becoming an exclusive Charter Member in the ZERO1 Garage Society. The Garage Society offers its members unique opportunities to participate in customized experiences, events, and insider perspectives of the most innovative achievements at the intersection of art, science, and technology. ZERO1 is a place where art meets technology to shape the future. Through ZERO1’s global network of partners we bridge academic, corporate, and cultural worlds to foster collaboration and encourage social action. 

Extraordinary access to Garage Society experiences like these both in and out of the Garage:



The Garage Society is an activated ZERO1 donor group dedicated to provoking new ideas at the intersection of art and technology where creativity meets innovation. Garage Society Membership is $5,000 per year. 
January 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015

Upcoming Members Events

Check back soon to for details around the next ZERO1 Garage member event. Check out all other upcoming ZERO1 events here

For more information and to join the ZERO1 Garage Society contact:

Sarah Beth Nesbit
ZERO1 Marketing Director

Barbara Goldstein
ZERO1 Board Trustee


  • Meet artists who are provoking new ideas, inspiring action, and exploring how to address challenging worldwide issues.
  • Attend special events and receptions specifically for Garage Society members, including behind-the-scenes and VIP events around ZERO1 exhibitions, performances and talks.
  • Participate in four exclusive all-day events that will take place throughout the Bay Area and beyond, providing an up close and personal look to some of the most inspiring artistic events and creations.
  • Customizable private tour for up to ten guests during ZERO1’s Fall and Spring exhibitions.