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Press Releases 2019
06/30/2019- ZERO1 Awarded California Arts Council “Youth Arts Action” Grant

Press Releases 2016
01/16/2016- Amorphic Robotic Inflatable Sculpture Greets Visitors on San José City Hall Plaza during Game Week Public art senses and responds to people during special SB50 unveiling 

Press Releases 2014
10/27/14- ZERO1 and U.S. State Department Announce the Renewal of American Arts Incubator
06/14/14- U.S. State Department and ZERO1 Announce Selected Artists for American Arts Incubator Program
05/06/14- ZERO1 Heads to China June 11 – July 7, 2014 “thingworld: International Triennial of New Media Art 2014” National Art Museum of China (NAMOC)
01/22/14- U.S. State Department and ZERO1 Introduce Innovative International Program for Artists
01/15/14- Fellowship/x: ZERO1 Inaugural Fellows Debut Prototypes

Press Releases 2013
08/08/13- Patent Pending
07/17/13- European Artists ANTIVJ Granted ZERO1 Fellowship Award 
05/16/13- Cisco Systems Joins the ZERO1 Garage as a Charter Member
04/16/13- ZERO1's May 'Art/Tech: In Conversation' Features Silicon Valley Nolan Bushnell
03/05/13- ZERO1 Fiscal Sponsors of The Bay Lights
02/06/13- Michael Joaquin Grey: Life, the universe, and everything 
01/23/13- 2013 ZERO1 Fellowships Announced

Press Releases 2012
09/12/12- Google Sponsored ZERO1 Garage Artist Fellow Announced
07/31/12- Contemporary Art Biennial Engages Visionary Media Artists
05/01/12- Silicon Valley Defined by Contemporary Art and Technology

Press Releases 2011
11/01/11-New Board and Staff Leadership to Shape Future of ZERO1
10/11/11-Representing San Jose and Receiving $1 Million-ZERO1 and 1st Act Silicon Valley 
07/12/11-City of San Jose Public Art Program in partnership with ZERO1 Receives Our Town Grant from the National Endowment for the Arts
03/08/11-ZERO1 Launches 2011 Speakers Series Art/Technology: In Conversation 

Press Releases 2010
11/02/10-01SJ Biennial Builds on 2010 Success for Future Biennial Vision
08/25/10-01SJ Biennial Collector's Panel
08/25/10- Santana Row Welcomes the 2010 01SJ Biennial
08/20/10-ZERO1 Symposium, Global Warning: Artists, Scientists and Environmental Activism
08/01/10-International Piano Phenomenon 'Play me I'm Yours Comes to San Jose for the 01SJ Biennial
03/01/10-ZERO1 Presents the 2010 01SJ Biennial
01/21/10-ZERO1 Kicks-Off Monthly Salons with Climate Clock Finalist Teams 

Press Releases 2008