Arts Education

Photo by Iuļiia Rubļevska
ZERO1 supports the development of creative skills in emerging media and socially-engaged arts through talks, workshops, incubators, mentorship, and professional development experiences. We provide access to the skills and tools of creative technology, paired with training in critical frameworks for examining how these same technologies are adopted by society. We support creative development at all experience levels, from introductory workshops to peer mentorship for established professional artists.

Storytelling with Augmented Reality

In this six-week workshop, participants learn how to use augmented reality to tell powerful stories about local issues that matter to them. Working in teams, they focus on a social challenge in their neighborhood and develop their explorations into an interactive digital experience by applying skills including storyboarding, art thinking, user experience, and the Blippar augmented reality app. Participants develop useful life skills, such as critical thinking, communication of ideas, problem-solving, leadership, and collaboration. The workshop culminates in a final showcase of project prototypes where teams gather feedback from the public about their creative expressions. The workshop is taught by Scott Kildall, an artist and educator working with cutting-edge art and technology.

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