ZERO1 Fellowship Program

At ZERO1 we believe that applying the lens of the arts to the complex problems of contemporary society will yield new creative strategies to shape a more resilient future. It is our goal to impact the ecosystem of innovation by creating a collaborative sandbox for the best artists, creatives, and thought leaders of our times to co‐contaminate, disrupt and catalyze the new.

The ZERO1 Fellowship is a platform for artistic experimentation that recognizes the artist as the ultimate provocateur, risk-taker, and untapped resource of innovation. Working in collaboration with partner companies, cultural institutions, and academic research centers, ZERO1 Fellows are charged with developing lines of artistic research and cultural production in response to a specific innovation challenge. ZERO1 Fellows focus on cross-sector collaboration and problem solving while leveraging emerging technology, resources and expertise provided by sponsors. The Fellowship network is further informed by ZERO1 exhibitions, talks, publishing, and special events that establish context and serve to inspire.

ZERO1 Fellows

The following artists are participated in a ZERO1 Fellowship/x an exhibition around the following 2013 Fellows:

ANTIVJ supported by the City of San Jose Public Art Program additional support from KDDI Group and residency support from the Montalvo Arts Center.
Danilea Steinsapir supported by Adobe Creative Technologies Lab
Cecilia Galiena sponsored by the Christensen Fund 
Paula Levine sponsored by Google, Inc.