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ZERO1 was founded in San Jose, where it produced large-scale programming and brought creative innovation to the SoFA District through the ZERO1 Biennial (2006-12), ZERO1 Fellowship/x (2013), and ZERO1 Garage (2011-15). Learn more about each program below.


The ZERO1 Biennial (2006-12), distributed throughout Silicon Valley and the greater Bay Area was a significant and comprehensive showcase of work at the nexus of art and technology in North America. Through curated exhibitions, public art installations, performances, and speaker events, the Biennial presented work by a global community of innovative artists reshaping contemporary culture. Over the course of its four iterations, the ZERO1 Biennial presented the work of more than 500 artists from more than 50 countries, commissioned 80 original works of art, attracted over 100,000 visitors from around the world, and contributed $20 million in economic revenue to the region.


The ZERO1 Fellowship/x (2013) was a platform for artistic experimentation that recognized the artist as the ultimate provocateur, risk-taker, and untapped resource of innovation. ZERO1 Fellows were charged with developing lines of artistic research and cultural production in response to a specific innovation challenge in collaboration with partner companies, cultural institutions, and academic research centers. Fellows focused on cross-sector collaboration and problem-solving while leveraging emerging technology, resources, and expertise provided by sponsors.

Participating ZERO1 Fellows and Projects


The ZERO1 Garage (2011-15), based in downtown San Jose’s cultural district, incubated and premiered innovative year-round programming. Through the lens of art and technology, the ZERO1 Garage informed strategies for research, development, and creativity by provoking challenges that addressed the complex world in which we live. The ZERO1 Garage was a platform for creative risk-­takers from the arts and culture, business, science, and academic sectors to interact, engage, and spur innovative change. Signature artistic programs included the Biennial, Fellowship/x program, exhibitions, public art initiatives, and the "In Conversation" talk series.

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