Storytelling with Augmented Reality

Workshop Description

In this six-week workshop, students will learn how to use Augmented Reality (AR) to tell powerful stories about local issues that matter to them. Working in teams, students will focus on a social challenge in their neighborhood and develop their explorations into interactive digital experiences using Augmented Reality. They will learn storyboarding, design methodologies, and interaction design techniques using the cutting-edge Artivive authoring tool for mobile devices. Students will develop useful life skills, such as critical thinking, communication of ideas, problem solving, leadership, and collaboration. The workshop culminates in a final showcase of project prototypes where teams will gather feedback from the public about their creative expressions. The workshop will be taught by Scott Kildall, an artist and educator working at the forefront of art and technology.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality (AR) is an interactive experience of an environment where objects that reside in the real world are captured on camera, then enhanced with extra layers of digital information. Here’s a 2-minute video on AR by Mashable Explains.

Applications due March 22, 2020

Who Should Apply

This workshop is for youth ages 15-18 living and/or attending school in the Mission District and bordering neighborhoods.


Free for participants.


Gray Area Classroom (Second Floor), 2665 Mission St., San Francisco, CA 94110

Gray Area is a partner arts and technology organization that teaches creative coding, helps artists develop in their fields, and hosts events such as immersive art exhibitions.

Program Dates/Times

Each section will have up to 15 participants.

Section 1 (Mondays)

  • April 6, 4-7 PM
  • April 13, 4-7 PM
  • April 20, 4-7 PM
  • April 27, 4-7 PM
  • May 4, 4-7 PM
  • May 11, 4-7 PM

Section 2 (Wednesdays)

  • April 8, 4-7 PM
  • April 15, 4-7 PM
  • April 22, 4-7 PM
  • April 29, 4-7 PM
  • May 6, 4-7 PM
  • May 13, 4-7 PM


  • Thursday, May 14 
  • Installation 4-6 PM, Showcase 6-8 PM

About the Artist: Scott Kildall

Scott is a new media artist who has been working with art + technology + education for over 15 years. He works with datasets related to natural sciences and how they interact with human civilization, transforming these into sculptures and interactive installations. His work specializes data to create experiences where viewers can move and interact with the data itself. Because data has physical consequences, his work generates meaningful real-life experiences for the viewer.

Recent artworks range from stone tablets etched with meteorite impact data to interactive sound installations based on water quality to virtual reality installations where viewers can fly around data involving the artificial construct of the nation-state. Learn more about Scott on his website:

Scott led workshops as a lead artist for ZERO1’s American Arts incubator Program in Bangkok, Thailand in 2017. Take a look at the program video.


Questions? Reach out to our Program Manager, Maya Holm at