Karen Parker, Jen Smith, 7th grade class of the Tahuna Normal Intermediate School

Update from Dunedin Youth Map

Work has begun with Tahuna Normal Intermediate on the Dunedin Youth Map.  The aim of this project is to link the project into the Year 7 curriculum.  Room 15 who were part of the initial programme have been working on locating reference points for the map. The school art teacher is primed and ready to go with the creation of the map and the students have worked on their own icons.  A refinement of the icons since the presentation in August has begun. The students have been compiling the websites and information for their areas they are focused on and have shared with their class teacher as Google Docs.  Debate has begun over whether to include names and addresses of restaurants because Dunedin has a large number of eateries.

The project has been halted at present due to the school receiving funding for a digital technology project which is in conjunction with a local secondary school and primary school. This project focuses on the students building and monitoring moisture in their homes and properties in South Dunedin. The development of the map might form part of the six tech option next year as it links into our climate change unit and the project the school has been funded for. The other reason the project has been halted is that the DCC liaison person said the term "green" might have negative connotations so we are unsure whether to proceed using the green map icons or stick with our own.

Aim for next year:

  • In conjunction with the school's climate change and sustainability units, have the students complete the map.
  • Art teacher to create the map and icon development.
  • Tech time to develop the spreadsheet of source information.
  • Completion date ready to take to DCC for publication or to the Green Map by July 1st, 2017.

Karen Parker, Jen Smith, 7th grade class of the Tahuna Normal Intermediate School

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