About Us

ZERO1 is a nonprofit arts organization that addresses complex social challenges by producing community driven emerging media and digital art projects. We believe that artistic experimentation with emerging technologies inspires novel creative strategies and broaden our critical understanding of the world. Through a global network of partners, we bridge governmental, academic, corporate, and cultural worlds to build engaged and vibrant communities that drive social action.

What We Do


ZERO1 leverages art, science, and technology to create social change.


To stimulate the potential of tomorrow’s communities by provoking new ideas, experimentation, and creative strategies today.


Visionary Imagination: We believe in the visionary and imaginative power of art as a critical tool for transformational social and cultural change.

Connecting Across Difference: We believe in building communities that honor diverse perspectives and cultivate mutual understanding to form lasting relationships.

Collective Power: We believe that effectively engaging communities in the creative process increases the impact of art on the world.

Holistic Knowledge: We believe that a transdisciplinary approach produces new modes of insight and resurfaces wisdom that has been obscured by disciplinary specialization and dominant culture.

Ethical Technology: We believe there is a need for critical engagement with ethics in the development and application of technology.


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The emphasis on augmented reality (AR) and other forms of cutting edge visual communications has assisted the work I am conducting in comics and graphic storytelling that aims to create interactive and exciting ways of addressing complex social issues such as a supply and caring for freshwater.
American Arts Incubator — South Africa

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