Partner Programs

Matchbox Lab #2: Kim Ip & Dasha Ortenberg
Photo courtesy of CounterPulse

ZERO1 provides strategy, communications, and network expertise to develop engaging programming with mission-aligned partners.

Photo by Beth Laberge

The Grid

ZERO1 is a partner organization of The Grid, a global network connecting artists, technologists, cultural institutions, policy makers, and the global tech industry initiated by EUNIC Silicon Valley. The Grid follows an ambitious vision: to incorporate art-thinking into the development of new technologies and to jump-start a conversation between artists, technologists, and policy makers from around the world. ZERO1 has participated in panel conversations and curated interactive experiences for “The Grid: Exposure - Art + Tech + Policy Days,” which explored innovative ways to reconnect the world in a state of pandemic isolation and contributes to its annual Art + Tech report.

Photo by Beth Laberge

Gray Area Festival

As a community partner of the Gray Area Festival, ZERO1 sponsors participating artists, co-programs conference activity, and offers marketing support. Gray Area Festival is one of San Francisco's premier annual art and technology gatherings. This globally unique event brings together artists, creators, thinkers, civic leaders, and philanthropists to spark conversation around how the integration of art and technology can inspire more creative, forward-looking approaches to advancing culture and common good.


Matchbox Lab #4: Ronja Ver & Kal Spelletich / Photo by Robbie Sweeny

Matchbox Labs

Matchbox is an art+tech interactive lab series, hosted at CounterPulse in partnership with ZERO1 and Kinetech Arts, that seeds collaboration beyond disciplines.

Designed as public practicum labs that are open to the public, Matchbox pairs creative technologists with dancers and choreographers to spark critical investigations and seed cutting-edge works.

Matchbox creates an opportunity for these two creative communities to find places of overlapping values, and serves as a framework for a more collaborative urban arts ecology.

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