Artist Project by Amy Karle

“What is life in the bio-tech era?”

Amy Karle’s work as American Arts Incubator exchange artist to Poland considers the "Layers of Life" and how we form —biologically/socially/emotionally/spiritually — on all levels, while questioning, “What is life in and through the bio-tech era?” Karle wanted to transcend these layers — from the micro to the macro, from the individual to the social, from the internal to the external, from the depths of the earth to the sky, space, and beyond. She conducted artistic research in the labs at Copernicus Science Centre and in two UNESCO heritage sites, the Wieliczka and Bochnia Royal Salt Mines. She did research in one of the deepest parts of the earth accessible to humans in Bochnia, and studied crystallization, salt and concepts of space at Copernicus. Karle researched how nature forms and grows: in this case the natural additive manufacturing (natural 3D printing) of salt and crystallization. She also considered salt as a vital, life-sustaining element in our bodies and of our earth, and learned about theories surrounding the origins of life concerning salt. Combining her research, influences, and inspiration, she created performance art, sculptures, and a show for the Heavens of Copernicus Planetarium in collaboration with Copernicus Biolab and Planetarium team, as well as Grain Films.


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