Works in Progress II

The participants have worked so incredibly hard to create insightful and beautiful projects.

Clay animals on map from event by the Littorale group. Still from video by Amine Krafi, Loubna El Ghallab, and Taha Azale.

With impressive tenacity and efficiency in a short amount of time, participants have developed profound bodies of research into the critical issues that concern them — surveying their neighbors, leading workshops with children, interviewing students on a university campus, and talking to other artists about collaborative projects. In the process, we are also developing new friendships and relationships across art, technology, and culture.

The Zero4 group at work (L, Youssef Zaoui, R, Yasser Benhar). Photos by Nadir Houboub.

They planned and produced, explored and innovated, played and discovered. The projects are not yet complete. I hope that they will never be complete — they are so many potential paths to pursue! Some aspects of the projects will be furthered over the coming months, some tangents may be followed through the end of this year, others....we have yet to see!

Project experiments by Hybrid Gastronomies group. Hicham Choukri and Abdelilah Azergui. Photos by Dasha Ortenberg.

Some of these project futures were imagined during the course of the panel review, which was inspiring and exciting! We were honored by the presence of Jennifer Rasamimanana, the Consul General of the United States in Casablanca; Maria Daif, Director of L'Uzine; Kenza Amrouk, independent curator; Mohammed Fariji, L'Atelier de l'Observatoir; and Kristi Jones, consultant and curator. Each member of the panel represented different aspects of the program goals and I am so proud that their observations included positive and constructive comments on the structures of the presentations, the level of craft, and insight into societal questions of the projects.

The panel (L) and the presenters (R). Photos by Nadir Houboub.


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