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Make it or Break it, a Chat with Andrew MacIver


For many people, how we perceive artwork is just as important as the piece itself. For Andrew MacIver and his team, this was especially important in conceiving their kinetic sculpture project, Make it or Break it. Not only are there multiple vantage points from which this piece can be enjoyed but there are all sorts of ways someone can choose to interact with it.


Artist Andrew MacIver met me last Monday at the front door of his shared studio space. A few days a week he commutes to San Francisco to work in a large, impressive studio complex shared by approximately forty other artists.



About Teri Nguyen, The Super Social One

The first time I met Teri, fellow ZERO1 Art Ambassador, was at Mashable’s Social Media Day in San Francisco. Teri texted me the following: “ I’m the one wearing a blue shirt, striped socks, and a pink flower.” Once I spotted her (it wasn’t that hard), she immediately introduced me to some people she just met at the event, which was kind of overwhelming since it was my second networking event. It seems normal for Teri, which doesn’t surprise me. In getting to know Teri well, I learned she’s quite shy and reserved yet one of her most noticeable qualities is her ability to express enthusiasm when engaging with new friends and collaborators.

Risk Taking Endeavor Around The ZERO1 Garage


ZERO1 is a non-profit organization exploring how art and technology can shape the future. Through the Biennial and the year-round programming of the Garage, ZERO1 envisions to collaborate and harness the tension/ friction amongst disparate fields from arts to industry. The Garage seeks to explore how these intersections can yield new and fresh ideas and creative strategies that address the complex challenges facing the world in which we live.

Interactive Art: Nick Lally Seeks Silicon Valley on a Bike

7 September 2012

With workers bustling over the highways, students bussing back to school, and (e)MERGE artists busting their humps to bring you their visions as they go Seeking Silicon Valley, it's a wonder how we manage to get it all done.

Nick Lally, an (e)MERGE artist from UC Santa Cruz, brings you A Spatial History of the Silicon Valley, a 24-mile, guided tour through locations which in recent decades have played a pivotal and creative role in shaping the robust computer industry we see today.



How then should we reap in the sunshine and rolling landscapes on a beautiful weekend and cover 24 miles of the Peninsula and South Bay? We take our bicycles, of course!

Bike Tour meets 12 p.m. Friday, September 14 at the Menlo Park Caltrain Station. Saturday meet at 11:30 at South 1st Street, San Jose.

For both tours we return to the (e)MERGE Street Festival in downtown San Jose at about 6:45 p.m. See: Facebook invite.