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ZERO1 Public Art Projects selected for the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network 2013 Year in Review!

In just a few days Pittsburgh will host the 2013 Annual American for the Arts Convention. Each year American for the Arts brings together art leaders from around the nation to discuss innovative ways to use art to build communities and strategize how to better communicate the essential impact that the arts has to offer. Additionally during the Public Art Network Preconference 50 public art projects nationwide are selected for the American for the Arts Public Art Network 2013 Year in Review. We are excited to announce that two of ZERO1’s public art projects were selected for this honor; 2012 ZERO1 Biennial public art project Datagrove by Future Cities Lab and Solar Phone Booth by Sol Design Lab.

SEEKAGO during June's South First Fridays

A big THANK YOU to everyone that came to visit the ZERO1 Garage last Friday during the SubZERO Festival. The night was a great success; over 2300 visitors came through our space to experience Eve Warnock’s SEEKAGO, a one night performance.

Presented throughout the ZERO1 Garage, SEEKAGO was series of five experimental films, directed by Eve, that were created to incite specific emotions in the viewer. The story is about a man and woman, and their relationship from death to life. The films, titled Breathing, Asphalt, The Chicken and The Coyote, FEAST, and Flight, tell an aspect of human, animal and environmental ecology.

The films were accompanied by a live performance, lead by Eve, that captured the audience in the Garage. The project involved “Speakers”, a roving sound performance using textiles; “Bagged”, a sculptural set design; and “Denizen”, a performance based on local native mythology. Accompanied by the films, Eve’s performance integrated costumes, sounds and movements, embodying the raw emotions.

Nolan Bushnell at the ZERO1 Garage

It was just a few weeks ago we had the pleasure of having Nolan Bushnell in conversation with our Executive Director Joel Slayton at the ZERO1 Garage.  Check out this short video and get a glimpse of Bushnell's thoughts around art, creativity, experimentation, innovation, and more!

If you missed this event or would like to see the talk again, you can watch it and other Art/Tech: In Conversation events here.

ZERO1's Art/Tech: Talks featuring Nolan Bushnell from WMS media Inc.

ZERO1 Artists Create Augmented Reality APP for SFMOMA Expansion

SFMOMA celebrates the start of construction at the site of the expansion– a defining moment for the museum's future. They are hosting a groundbreaking ceremony to kick off the 225,000-square-foot Snøhetta-designed expansion that will transform the museum as a whole. When the museum reopens in 2016, it will provide greater art experiences, more free-to-the-public space, and enhanced education programs for schoolchildren, expanding its role as a place for learning and  inspiration in the Bay Area. During the exclusive groundbreaking ceremony, Mayor Edwin M. Lee, Snøhetta principal Craig Dykers, press and dignitaries alike will experience a reimagining of the museum's future building though an artist-commissioned augmented reality mobile application. 2012 ZERO1 Biennial artists Will Pappenhiemer and John Craig Freeman, created the "app-arition" that is both an interactive and animated assemblage of the building's various parts, reflecting its potential existence as a fluid network and beacon for the surrounding community as well.

May 2013

Public space, place to place connections using emerging global communication technology for a greater common good. I’ve been searching the web for projects and works that bring these together. Do send along suggestions for projects (my zero1 email). A few from what I’ve gathered thusfar follow:

• Spontaneous Interventions: Design Actions for the Common Good at the Chicago Cultural Center from May 24 to September 1, 2013. Organized by Cathy Lang Ho and in affiliation with the New York Institute for Urban Design, an event and series of works that focus on the city and public space. From the curator: “Our goal is to use the exhibition as a framework for understanding a larger movement, in which citizens all over the world are devising and implementing clever, low-barrier urban interventions to make their cities more inclusive, sustainable, pleasurable, and safer...we have organized a rich roster of programs that will place the trend of tactical urbanism in the context local urban issues and citizen action.”