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The Bay Lights: a mingling of low/high culture

Beginnings of a conversation between Joel Slayton and Jaime Austin

Part I
A few evenings ago, Joel Slayton and I stood on the Embarcadero. Before us all was The Bay Lights, a massive public art project by artist Leo Villareal that is soon to become the largest, most famous, and most photographed public artwork in the city. If you’re anywhere near the waterfront at night this artwork is unavoidable. You can’t not see it.

ZERO1 hosts Southern California Leadership Network

ZERO1 had the pleasure of hosting Southern California Leadership Network at the ZERO1 Garage during their trip to the Bay Area. The Southern California Leadership Network is comprised of selected executives from around the state ranging from the business, non-profit and public sectors.

ZERO1 Launches Fellowship Program

As many of you are aware, the ZERO1 Fellowship program is one of the numerous programs premiering at the ZERO1 Garage. Last Wednesday evening over 75 people came to meet the inaugural ZERO1 Fellows and learn about each of their projects. ZERO1 Fellows are charged with developing lines of artistic research and cultural production in response to a specific innovation challenge. They will have access to emerging technology, resources and expertise provided by sponsors and the Fellowship network is further informed by ZERO1 exhibitions, talks, publishing, and special events that establish context and serve to inspire.

We’re extremely excited to provide the ZERO1 Fellows with the opportunity to pursue their projects in both the traditional context of interdisciplinary, peer-to-peer networks and communities, as well as through unique collaborations with industry partners on innovations that will have the potential to positively impact society.

Happy New Year from the ZERO1 Garage!

Happy 2013 everyone! Hope the holidays were filled with much joy and relaxation for all of you. December was a bittersweet month as we officially concluded the 2012 ZERO1 Biennial and moved out of our offices across from St. James Square. However, we’re so excited to be in the ZERO1 Garage! One of the great things about the ZERO1 Garage is the versatility of this space! It will host our year-round exhibitions, future Biennials, our Fellowship program and can even be utilized for events such as staff retreats, team-building workshops, seminars, holiday parties, and possibly even what could be the edgiest wedding in town!

The 2012 ZERO1 Biennial, A Successful Run

The 2012 ZERO1 Biennial has officially come to an end, and here at ZERO1. We wrapped up the Biennial this past weekend with over 250 people visiting the exhibition one last time on Friday night and then on Saturday, hosting two amazing panels with SPUR, Stamen Design and Institute for the Future, followed by our closing reception to celebrate the conclusion of the Biennial with partners, artists, and friends. 

By all accounts, this year's Biennial was a huge success. Centered in San Jose, the ZERO1 Biennial represented a significant place-making opportunity that galvanized community engagement through collaboration and partnerships not otherwise possible.  It allowed for the presentation of groundbreaking work by local and international artists and provided access to innovative, world-class art for an audience interested in the sandbox where art and technology meet. Attendees of the Biennial experienced public art, interactive digital media, performances, and much more!